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Smith Road Farm

* NEW* 1/2 Chuck Roasts

Classic Sunday dinner... potatoes, carrots, onions and a crock pot. All equal a homey, hearty dinner.

1/3 lb Ground Angus Patties

Two words.... easy and yum! No one will leave hungry from your table when you serve these. Juicy and delicious the...

Beef Short Ribs

Each package has 8 - 10 halved Ribs. These are beautiful and make the best Grass Fed Bone Broth/Stock ever!

Breakfast Sausage

Links or Patties - They are the perfect accompaniment to pancakes... or eggs... or even better for "Breakfast...

Delmonico Steak / Rib Eye

This cut comes from the rib area of the animal, hence the "rib" portion of its name. The cut is from the rib...

Fresh Pork Shoulder

A fresh pork shoulder is not cured or smoked and has a higher fat content than other cuts of pork. It does well when...

Grass-fed Beef Liver

100% grassfed beef liver is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat, but it's usually in short supply. It is...

Ground Angus Beef - 90% Lean

The meat in each ground beef package will come from one specific animal, unlike a grocery store ground beef package,...

Ground Angus Bundle

10 - 1 lb packages of 90/10 Ground Angus. 100% Grass fed and Finished... nothing better.

Italian Sausage - Chorizo - Garlic Brats


Leaf Lard

Roast slowly to make your own healthy lard. We freeze ours in small containers for pie and pasty crusts. About 2...

Pastured Chicken Gizzards

No Soy, No Corn, No GMO...

Pastured Chicken Hearts

No Soy, No Corn, No GMO...

Pastured Chickens Livers

100% Soy, Corn and GMO free...

Pork Chops & Petite Pork Chops

These chops are great for the grill with simply fresh ground Himalayan salt and black peppercorns.

Smoked Ham - 4 1/2 lbs

Such a great sized ham for non holiday use! Leftovers anyone?

Smoked Ham Hocks

Ham hocks are great to make bean, pea or any soup or stew with!

Smoked Ham Steaks & Small Ham Steaks

Ham steaks are 1 inch thick slices of ham cut from a whole or a half ham. Great for a quick dinner or breakfast....

Top Round

The top round a steak that should be marinated overnight before placing on the grill because it is very lean.Slice it...

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