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Pig 1/2 & Whole Butcher Cost Break Down


On average, this is how your pig will break down: We use 200lbs as an average, your numbers could be larger or smaller depending on the date you choose when you purchase.


Live Pig                                   200 pounds                ½ Pig 100 pounds

30% loss at slaughter

Hanging Weight                     140 pounds                ½ Pig 70 pounds

20% loss on cutting

Retail cut weight                    112 pounds                  ½ Pig 56 pounds


Custom Slaughter Fee: $34.00

Processing Fee: $.56/lb. for whole

$.58/lb. for half

Smoking & cutting of Ham: $1.00/lb.

Smoking & slicing of Bacon: $1.10/lb.

Ground Pork: $.20/lb. Vacuum sealed,

Sausage Flavors: Breakfast, Maple, Hot, Cajun,

Sweet Italian.

Bulk Sausage: $.64/lb.

Link Sausage: $.98/lb.

Rope Sausage: $.98/lb.

Sausage Patties: $1.06/lb.

Smoked Links: $1.95/lb.

*Cheese can be added to any sausage for an

Additional $.35/lb. Flavors available are Cheddar

And Pepper Jack.

***  These are prices from our butcher, Red Barn Meats in Croghan, NY.  ***



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