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In 2015 we decided to offer what we were eating to YOU!  We chose to add  "Beyond Organic" to our business name because we took added steps that the "organic standards" don't even mention.  No soy ( read "Whats the big deal with SOY?" in our Q&A's section ) or corn.  Our recipe was developed with a agricultural chemist in Wisconsin who understood what farmers like us wanted to accomplish.  A farmer friend who owns Happy Hooves Organic Farm, shared it with us and we tweaked it a bit for our needs. We learned by reading A LOT on how to make meat better for us from like minded farmers of the The Piggery, Polyface Farms and others.  Now we are sharing our great products with everyone.  We pride ourselves on our quality products, values and ethics in our little farm operation.  Our animals are raised here with daily attention, quality nutrition, fresh pasture and lots of clean water.  They are raised and cared for humanely from the days they are born.  Our Angus beef is born here from our fullblood, registered herd. Piglets come from a local, fellow farmer of like mindedness. They raise these Old Spot/Berkshire piglets until they are weaned from their mama and then we take it from there.  All meat poultry is raised here from day 2.  

100% grass-fed and finished is key in the way the meat taste. We raise the Aberdeens until they are 27 months old on only grass & hay.  (Grain fed beef is raised until they are 15 months.)  You can drive by and see your food growing in the pastures because nothing here is locked in a barn.   We are local and have no intentions of becoming a "Big" farm. We truly are inspired by farming concepts of the past.  No growth hormones, we clean with vinegar and use the sun to naturally disinfect.

We do this because we love it and we promise you will be more than satisfied with our products.  


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